About us

Not every medium-sized engineering company can boast that their products influence people’s health and safety. But for us this is true.

Researchers today know more than ever about noise pollution and the impact of noise in daily life. At worst, noise can cause anxiety, uneasiness and other health hazards. Even though some of the noise is inaudible to the human ear, it may still cause physical damage. That is why it is important to have professionally designed and implemented noise attenuation on ships, in power plants and other noisy places. In an emergency, on the other hand, your need to be 100% sure that your air raid shelter equipment works as it should.

JTK Power is a medium-sized engineering company with factories in Vöyri and Isokyrö, close to Vaasa, Finland. We manufacture silencers, air raid shelter equipment, valve seat inserts, welded project structures & solutions and associated products and offer mechanical and acoustic advisory services. We guarantee that our products work even in a tight spot because we comply strictly with the relevant laws and regulations in our manufacturing process. We have excellent plant and equipment, guaranteeing precision-machined, true-to-size products and flexible production. The effectiveness of our products guarantees a quiet and safe environment.

We are part of JTK Power Group which specialises in manufacturing demanding steel solutions for the world’s leading companies in the power plant sector, building trade, marine and mining industries and logistics. JTK Power Group comprises three companies, each with its own specialism, which means that JTK Power Group is able to offer comprehensive solutions for broad-ranging systems.

JTK Power’s success comes from valuing our employees and continuously developing their skills, as well as from our close cooperation with our customers. Our longest-standing employees have worked for us since the day we started. Our long-term collaboration with our customers enables us to develop our products together, which gives our customers exactly what they need and us the chance to do what we do best.

Contact us when you need an experienced partner who takes full responsibility for the effectiveness of their products.


JTK Power Finland – Safe and Silent Solutions