A busy end to 2023: growing demand for JTK Power’s silencer solution

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 In 2020, JTK Power embarked on a 2-year project with the goal of designing a globally competitive line of silencers with efficient manufacturability. The project, funded by Business Finland, was a success: the silencer solutions developed during the project have since been successfully used for noise reduction in several vessels on a global scale. One of the very first cases was the silencer system for Eckerö Line’s vessel M/S Finbo Cargo. JTK Power was in charge of noise measurements as well as the design and manufacturing.

“Our success in the M/S Finbo Cargo project further strengthened our view on how beneficial our solution is to the modern shipping industry”, says Jouni Hartikainen, Engineering Director at JTK Power.

The said view on the solution has since been shared by several customers – during the fall of 2023, JTK Power has delivered similar silencer solutions to a number of global shipping companies.

“We are pleased to see that there is demand for a silencer solution like ours.”

A noise attenuation process often begins with noise complaints from the vicinity of a harbor. Shipping companies then perform noise measurements either themselves or through a partner like JTK Power. JTK Power offers noise measurements services and can also offer a solution based on existing measurement data. With the newest noise reduction projects, shipping companies performed measurements themselves or through a third party. After the results revealed that noise levels were too high, the companies began looking for the right silencer provider. JTK Power quickly stood out.

“They were familiar with our products and the reliability of our operations.”

What’s the secret?

The secret to JTK Power’s solution’s success is the fact that the silencers are small in size and still have the optimal noise reducing effect. JTK Power’s silencers are about half the length of traditional solutions used when attenuating low frequency noises. The shortness has been achieved without increasing the silencer’s diameter. 

“Particularly in older vessels, space is often limited. It is therefore crucial that all equipment aboard, such as silencers, are as small as possible while remaining big in effect.”

Not only do the silencers have an optimal size-effect ratio, they also withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy usage. JTK Power pays special attention to material choices, only purchasing materials from renowned manufacturers. It is also crucial that welding is done with the utmost quality: JTK Power has a quality-certified welding system and has invested in the most modern equipment.

“In addition to excellent materials and quality welding, the secret to our solution is that it is custom designed. Our turnkey service is based on carefully conducted measurements and calculations, through which we custom design the solution to meet all of the customer’s needs.”



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