More than machinery - cost-effective manufacturing is the sum of many parts

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JTK Power Group specialises in manufacturing demanding steel structures. The products often include many subcomponents that are made using different production methods and materials. For customers, buying all the machines and equipment required for production themselves is rarely possible and above all, does not make sense in terms of cost-competitiveness. What are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing a manufacturer?

Demanding products call for demanding machinery

The manufacture of demanding components and products places high demands on machinery and materials. Depending on the production method used, a certain type of equipment may be needed for machining and handling.

JTK Power carefully charts customer’s starting point and the properties required of the products in terms of material and production methods. If it is find that JTK Power's plant and equipment are suitable for the product, it means the price-quality ratio is also met. Company has a modern plant and they have invested a lot in production automation. Thanks to an extensive network of material suppliers, JTK Power can get hold of materials that are usually hard to find.

Quality is the basis for everything – products have to work even in a tight spot

JTK Power manufacture products that are part of complex systems, like engines used in ships and power plants, and critical for their operation. Manufacturing demanding products like these is not possible without the necessary manufacturing permits and licenses as well as high quality standards.

JTK Power complies with strict quality requirements and check products thoroughly. Only top-quality materials are used to guarantee the customer gets what is promised. The company also employs skillful welders, and they have all the welding qualifications needed and extensive experience of working with special materials and demanding structures.

Products range from single, demanding subcomponents to system deliveries, tailor made and according to the customer’s drawings. Design and product development are also part of the services. JTK Power provides the entire project from management, design and production engineering to manufacture and delivery. When customers can get all the phases of a project from one place, it makes their work easier and speeds up the progress of the project.

Good transport links and network of material suppliers create savings

The price-quality ratio is also affected by where the product is manufactured and how transport and network of material suppliers are arranged. JTK Power Group’s factories in Finland, Estonia and China are in logistically good locations and within close proximity to the market.

Group's factories are well-distributed around the globe. In Finland, the transport routes to the rest of the Nordics and Europe are short. From the Estonian factory in Tallinn there are excellent transport links by sea and road. Group's factory in China is located in the Shanghai region and an important link for or customers to the Asian market.

Cost-effectiveness is also sought by optimizing manufacture between factories as each focus on their particular strengths.

Company's products can be found on every continent, in as many as 160 countries. JTK Power Group is known for excellent delivery reliability, the best technology know-how in our field and the dimensional accuracy of our products.

Outsourcing production to us has many advantages. Contact us for more information about our manufacturing services!